What is Mosh?

Mosh is a free and fast interpreter for Scheme as specified in the R7RS & R6RS.  (R7RS is the latest revision of the Scheme standard)

The current release of Mosh supports all of the features R7RS small and R6RS.


Mosh offers following functions for development

  • Library system
  • Macro
  • Records
  • Condition system
  • Exception and error handling
  • Unicode
  • Bytevector
  • Hashtable
  • Enumration
  • Database
  • Foreign Function Interface
  • Socket
  • CGI

It can be used for many kinds of software development.

System Requirements

Mosh runs on Linux/Unix, Mac OS X and Windows.


Mosh is distributed by MIT/X License.

It is developed on https://github.com/higepon/mosh by